As our journey begins, the path before it was long and stressful. Getting things together especially for something such as a wedding is always going to be stressful, but worth the adversity. When it came time to choose who our officiant would be, we did not know at first. Before we fell in love with Nancy, we already had a horrible experience with a different one and thought all hope was lost. When we sat down with Nancy the first time all I can remember is my wife sitting their enjoying and smiling to the conversation that they were having. I sat down and when I opened up, it dawned upon me that Nancy was the one. Aside from the wedding we talked about our personal experiences. We sat for some time, got to know one another on a persona; level, and then prepared for the big day. Nancy get s to know you for you and reminds you about the love that brings you together. We then met a couple of more times and then finally came our wedding day on November 11, 2017 at Leonards Palazzo. As I was nervous to embark on this new journey, Nancy reassured me that I am ready. When it came time, Nancy was there at the alter to marry me to my wife. Now this is the part that amazed me by far. Going back to our sit downs prior to the wedding, Nancy jotted notes down and all I could think about is “How is she going to tie this all together.” Now going back to the alter, I could not believe how amazing Nancy tied everything together. It was truly amazing, breath taking and the words to describe how she brought everything we had talked about is endless. If you can see it I would show it. That is how spectacular it was. Nancy is timely. Nancy is an amazing officiant, woman, and mother. If you let her, she will make your day superb. I highly recommend her. Thank you Nancy for everything. From Dean, Paloma and Sebastian. We will remember it always.