John Ho

March 2020. My wife and I decided it was a great time for us to sign the papers and get married even though our actual reception etc is in November 2020. We understand the seriousness of the COVID-19. We do not want to hold any regrets. We found each other through an almost unbelievable moment, pulled me back together when I fell apart, went through difficult times, went through countless happy moments, enjoyed our little vacations together, spending time together during the height of the virus in China and now New York. I’m sorry. I’m supposed to write a review about how amazing and professional Nancy is not how I met my wife. We decided to tie the knot on our puppies birthday in March but we still want a ceremony in November with our reception. Nancy said it’s not a problem and won’t charge us extra for doing it twice basically. Even during these crazy times in NY when we are the nation’s highest number of infections, she still came out and professionally conducted our ceremony. We hope November is still a go and Nancy will be coming again!